Flex Slider uses "Option Sets" for configuration. This video explores the configuration of option sets, and show how to create new, custom option sets.

Now, let's try using Flex Slider for our Recent Blog Posts slideshow.

  • Edit the view
  • In the Format section, click "Settings" next to "Slideshow"
  • Disable all widgets
  • Slideshow Type: Flex Slider

So, you can see that it is possible to create a content slideshow with Flex Slider, as long as you are using the Views Slideshow plugin. However, it probably isn't the most visually appealing slideshow, and the large arrows cover some of the content. This can be made a bit better though, by adjusting the option set, and we'll do that in just a minute.

Option Sets

I mentioned option sets earlier, and we saw that I could only choose the Default set when I configured the slideshows. So, let's take a look at what those are and how we can create our own.

  • Go to "Configuration => Media => Flex Slider" (admin/config/media/flexslider)
  • Click "Edit" next to the "Default" option set

Here you can change the behavior of your slideshows. You could for example change the animation from "Fade" to "Slide".

  • Animation: Slide

Now, when we go home, you'll see that both slideshows are sliding instead of fading. Let's go back and create another option set.

  • Go to "Configuration => Media => Flex Slider" (admin/config/media/flexslider)
  • Click "Add option set"
  • Title: Fade
  • Click the "Navigation and Control Settings" vertical tab
  • [ ] Next/Previous Controls

Now, if we go home, we can edit the "Recent Blog Posts" slideshow and tell it to use our new option set.

  • Edit view
  • In the Format section, click "Settings" next to "Slideshow"
  • Option Set: Fade

Now, the "Featured Content" block is using the "Default" option set, which slides. And the "Recent Blog Posts" block is using the "Fade" option set, which fades, and does not have control arrows.