The Flex Slider Views Style sub-module adds a Views style plugin that you can select instead of table, unformatted list etc. when creating your view. This video takes a look at how that works.

Flex Slider Views


  • Flex Slider Views Style

Create another basic page

Before we create the view, I'm going to create another Basic Page so that we have more than one slide for our view. One thing to keep in mind is that, using this technique, the slider will only display the first image in a multi-value image field.

Create the view

Now, let's create a new view and use the Flex Slider Views style.

  • Go to "Structure => Views => Add new view" (admin/structure/views/add)
  • View name: Basic Page Slider
  • Show: Content
    • of type: Basic page
  • [x] Create a page
  • Display format: Flex Slider
  • [ ] Use a pager
  • [x] Create a menu link
    • Menu: Main menu
  • (Continue and edit)
  • Add field: Content: Photos
    • [ ] Create a label (This doesn't really matter as it won't be shown anyway.)
    • Formatter: Image (Do not select flexslider. If you do, it will try to put sliders inside sliders.)
    • Image style: None (This doesn't matter as it's controlled by your Flex Slider option set.)
    • Link image to: Nothing (This doesn't matter either. You are currently not able to link the images to anything in this type of slideshow.)
  • In the "Multiple Field Settings" drop down, make sure "Display all values in the same row" is selected. If it's not, you'll have duplicate images. The first image will actually be displayed in the place of each image of the content. ie: if there are three images on one basic page, the first image will be shown three times.)
  • In the Format section, click "Settings" next to "Flex Slider"
  • Option set: Default (This is where you can choose the option set to use)


Okay, so we've explored the most common slideshow module, Views Slideshow, and how it can be used to create image slideshows as well as content slideshows. And we also took a look at the Flex Slider module which creates image slideshows quickly just from multi-value image fields. There are a number of other slideshow modules out there, and numerous ways to use each of them, but I hope that with what you've learned in this series, you'll be able to create amazing slideshows that meet your needs.