This video is a quick walkthrough of how to move content between the "Draft", "Needs Review" and "Published" states.

Create an Article

We'll start out by creating an article

  • Go to "My Workbench => Create Content => Article" (node/add/article)
  • Title: Awesome article
  • Body: This is the body
  • Section: Library - This is here because we have the Workbench Access module enabled
  • In the "Publishing options" tab:
    • Moderation state: Current: Draft

Moderating the Article

  • In the "My Drafts" tab, we see the new article, and can move it to the "Needs Review" tab by clicking "Needs Review" in the "Moderate" column.
  • Now, we see it in the "Needs Review" tab, and can move it back to the "Draft" tab by clicking "Draft" in the "Moderate" column.
  • We can also publish the article by clicking "Published" in the "Moderate" column, and when I do that, you'll see that the article is still in my "Draft" tab, because I'm the last person to edit the article. But it is not in the "Needs Review" tab, because it is currently published.