This video explores the "Files LIst" view that is created by Workbench Media.


p>Go to "Structure => Views" (admin/structure/views) and select the view: "workbench_files".


The only relationship that is being used is: "File Usage: Content". Basically, this lets us access any content that is associated with this file. In our case, this lets us get any content that uses the media in a field.


  • File: Mime type - This indicates what type of file is being displayed. We are also displaying an icon representing the file type. If it is an image, we will see a thumbnail, if it is a document type such as PDF, we'll see an icon representing that file type.
  • File: Name
  • File: Path
  • File: Size
  • File: Uploaded date
  • (Content) Content: Title - This displays the title of the node that is using the file
  • File: Path