This video walks through the view that creates the "All Recent Content" section of the "My Workbench" dashboard.

Editing the "All Recent Content" view

Go to "Structure => Views" (admin/structure/views) and select the view: All Recent Content (workbench_recent_content).

This view also has both a Page and a block display.


We are using the "Content: Author" relationship that we used in the "My Edits" view, so that we can pull in the author's name.


The fields used here are essentially identical to the fields in the "My Edits" view.


  • The filter "Content: Published or admin" filters out unpublished content if the current user cannot view it.

To demonstrate, I'll unpublish a piece of content created by "Admin", and filter to show unpublished content. Admin can see it in the "All Recent Content" view, but the test user does not see any unpublished content because he doesn't have access to view unpublished content created by another user.