Backing up to an FTP directory is an easy way to store your backups on an off-site server. That means that if something happens to your web server, your backups are still safe. This video shows how to configure an FTP directory for your backups.

FTP Directory

You can save the backup file directly to any FTP server. If you'd prefer your backups be stored off-site, this is a good option. Setup is pretty straightforward, all you need is the host, port, path to the backup directory, username and password.

I've setup a temporary directory on my server to demonstrate how this works.

  • Go to "Configuration => System => Backup and Migrate => Destinations" (admin/config/system/backup_migrate/destination)
  • Click "Add Destination"
  • Click "FTP Directory"
  • Destination name: BAM FTP Backups
  • Host:
  • Port: 21
  • Path: httpdocs/bamftp
  • Username: brian
  • Password: [password]
  • (Save destination)

Now we can try it out.

  • Click the "Backup" tab. (admin/config/system/backup_migrate)
  • Backup to "BAM FTP Backups"
  • (Backup now)

Now, I'll open up Cyberduck and connect to the server via FTP. And once I'm logged in, you'll see the backup that we just created!

You can go to the "Destinations" tab on your site (admin/config/system/backup_migrate/destination) and click "list files" next to "BAM FTP Backups" to view the backups saved to that location.