In this series, I'm going to walk you through the process of automatically generating SEO and user-friendly URLs for content on your site. We'll be using the Pathauto, Sub-pathauto, and Redirect modules to accomplish this.

We'll start out by installing and configuring the Pathauto module. We will set up URL alias patterns per content type as well as for our user pages. We'll take a look at how to delete all aliases, as well as bulk-create aliases for all content that do not have aliases.

We'll take a look at the Sub-pathauto module which will automatically create a URL alias for each URL that is based on, or extends an existing alias, such as user contact pages.

And finally we will use the redirect module to automatically set up 301 redirects for our aliases, so that we are not penalized by search engines for having duplicate content. We'll also use the handy "Fix 404 pages" feature, that lists all "404 page not found" errors, and allows us to easily create redirects to the appropriate content. And we'll take a look at how the redirect module can automatically generate URL aliases when we change the title of a piece of content.