This video shows how you can create custom blacklists of spam, profanity and other unwanted content that may be acceptable on other sites, but you do not want published on your own.


The Blacklists tab allows you to add custom text that you never want to be allowed on your site.

  • Go to “Configuration => Content authoring => Mollom content moderation => Blacklists” (admin/config/content/mollom/blacklist)

There are three sub-tabs here: “Spam”, “Profanity”, and “Unwanted”. Each list will behave the same way. Splitting them into separate categories just helps Mollom know what it is that you are blocking so that it can learn from that and block more effectively on other sites.

Let’s add something to the spam list.

  • Context: All fields (You can choose a specific field such as “Author name” or “Email”, but I typically just choose “All fields”)
  • Matches: exact (You can choose “contains” if you like, but be careful what you enter in the value field. ie: If you enter “vat”, you’ll also block words like “activate” because it contains the text you’re blocking.)
  • Value: cash on delivery (This is the actual text that you want to blacklist.)
  • (Add)