In this video, we will install the Multiupload Imagefield Widget module, and create a new content type to use for image galleries.



  • Multiupload Imagefield Widget (You’ll see that it requires Multiupload Filefield Widget)

Add Content type

  • Go to “Structure => Content types => Add Content type”(admin/structure/types)
  • Name: Photo Gallery
  • Description: (Optional)
  • (Save and add fields)

Manage fields

  • Add new field: Images
  • Field type: Select “Image”
  • Widget: Select “Multiupload”
  • (Save)

Field Settings

  • Upload Destination: Public Files
  • (Save field settings)

Configure widget page

  • Label: Images
  • File directory: galleries/images
  • Maximum image resolution: 1024x1024 (if a larger image is uploaded, it will be automatically resized to 1024x1024)
  • Minimum image resolution: (I’ll leave this blank to not restrict the minimum size of images.)
  • Maximum upload size: 10MB
  • [x] Enable Alt field (It’s always good practice to enable the Alt field for images)
  • Preview image style: Thumbnail
  • Number if values: Unlimited
  • (Save settings)

Creating Photo Galleries

  • Go to “Content => Add content = > Photo Gallery” (node/add/photo-gallery)
  • Title: Gallery 1
  • Body: (Lorem Ipsum)
  • Click “Choose Files”
  • Select “Sample.png”, “Sample.jpg”
  • Click “open”
  • Click “Upload” (once the images are uploaded, you can grab the “handle” to rearrange the order.)
  • (Save)

Now, we’ve got our gallery displayed, but let’s use Panels and a responsive theme to make these into nice, responsive photo galleries.