I got to talk with Josh Koenig this week about Pantheon. A super awesome Drupal hosting and development platform. Here's what we talked about.


  • What is Pantheon?
  • How does it affect development?
    • Version control - replace github?
    • dev / staging / live
  • Is Pantheon just for development? Or can you host a live site on Pantheon?
  • What kind of scalability does Pantheon offer?
  • What’s the pricing look like?
  • What kind of support is available?

Use Cases

  • How are clients and site owners using Pantheon
  • What does Pantheon have to offer for site-builders
  • What tools are available for developers.

I also asked

  • What’s coming up in the future of Pantheon?

Questions from Twitter



  • Bob Kepford (@kepford, known for curating The Weekly Drop) asked: What kind of conditioner does @outlandishjosh use?