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Backup and Migrate

  • What is Backup and Migrate?
  • With all of the ways to backup sites, why did you originally create Backup and Migrate?
  • This a pretty substantial module, how many people are using this right now?
  • Features:
    • Backup and Restore your database
    • Select tables that you want to backup
    • Backup Files (with Backup and Migrate files module)
    • Scheduling
    • Drush
  • Locations:
    • FTP and S3
    • Rackspace
    • HP Cloud
    • NodeSquirrel


  • What is NodeSquirrel?
    • Developed by Gorton Studios
  • NodeSquirrel is now built in to Backup and Migrate!
  • Features
    • Off-site backup
    • Gives you a place to log in and get your backups when your server is down.
    • Setup once, and you’re done
  • Pricing (Free trial without asking for a credit card)