Workflow Initiative

  • What is the Workflow Initiative and what are the goals you’re trying to achieve?
  • What lead you into proposing this initiative for core and what’s the background story?
  • Dries mentioned in the keynote that official initiatives preferably should have a dedicated team, and have funding. How is that going to work for the Workflow Initiative?
    • How is it funded?
    • Who is on the team?
  • What will the process be like for getting this into core? [talk about the new governance structure for core initiatives]
    • Roadmap for Drupal

How will it work?

  • How will the content moderation workflow work when it’s in core?
  • How will the full-site content preview work when it’s in core?

Questions from Twitter

  • Jibran Ijaz ‏@JibranIjaz
    What will happen to the workflow initiative if Drupal shop(s) will stop supporting it? #MUP160

  • Jibran Ijaz ‏‏@JibranIjaz
    How can we make sure that this'll be a community driven initiative not specific to someones requirements. #MUP160

  • Steve Persch ‏@stevector
    Do you anticipate support for making/deploying configuration changes through workspaces? #MUP160

  • Steve Persch ‏@stevector
    @JibranIjaz @dickolsson I'd like part of the answer to be consensus formed around Behat-executable stories/scenarios. #MUP160

  • Justin Ludwig @jludwig89
    Can the Workflow Initiative fit into a multi-site install, where content is to be deployed to more than one site? #MUP160