In this video, we'll enable the Quicktab Styles module, and browse through the default styles that can change the way your Quicktabs look.

To add tab styles to our Quicktabs instances, we need to enable the Quicktabs styles module:

Enable modules

  • Go to "Modules" (admin/modules) and enable:
    • Quicktab Style (This module adds predefined tab styles to choose on a per Quicktabs instance basis.)
  • (Save configuration)

Next, let's modify the "Most Recent" Quicktab to add Quicktab styles.

  • Go to "Structure => Quicktabs" (admin/structure/quicktabs)
  • Click "Edit" next to "Most Recent"
  • Renderer: Quicktabs (Note that Quicktab styles are only available when using the quicktabs renderer.)
  • Style: Choose "Arrows" (This is the list of styles that you can choose when the Quicktabs Style module is enabled. I'll just demonstrate Arrows and Basic, but definitely check them out to see which one you like best. )
  • (Save)

Back to home, you'll see that Arrow style has been applied to "Most Recent" Quicktab.