In this video we’re going to install and enable the modules that we need in order to add a birth date field to the user profile, and create the rule that will redirect users on login.

Download and Install

  • Rules
  • Entity API (Rules required modules)
  • Date (The Date Module is used to handle date field types)


  • Date API
  • Date Popup
  • Date
  • Entity API
  • Entity Tokens
  • Rules
  • Rules UI

In the next video, we will create a new rule that will redirect users to fill out an empty required field on their user profile when they log in. So, let’s go ahead and create that field now.

Add additional field to the user profile

  • Go to "Configuration => People => Account settings" (admin/config/people/accounts)
  • Click the "Manage Fields" tab
    • Add new field: Birth Date
    • Field type: Date
    • Widget: Pop-up calendar
  • (Save)
  • Date attributes to collect:
    • [x] Year
    • [x] Month
    • [x] Day
  • (Save field settings)
  • Check "Required Field" (When you click “Required Field”, “Display on user registration form” is automatically checked. This means that the Birth Date Field will be included in the User Registration Form when creating a new account, but our existing users won’t know this field exists, or that they should fill it out. This is why we want to redirect them to their user profile page to fill it out.)
  • Help Text: Please enter your birth date.
  • More Settings and Values
    • Date entry options: (Choose the one that matches your date format.)
    • Starting year: Other 1900 (This should be plenty long ago.)
    • Ending year: +0 years from now (They shouldn’t be able to choose a date in the future.)
    • Time increments: (This can be ignored, since we’re not collecting to the minute level.)
    • Default values: No default value (We want to make sure they enter their birth date. If there was a default value, a user might not change it, and save the wrong date.)
  • (Save Settings)