What is Simplytest.me? In a word - Awesome! With Simplytest.me there is no need to install an entire site on your local machine (or worse, on a server) just to test out a module! You can quickly and easily spin up a site with your desired module, theme or distribution and play around without any overhead. You can test any module, theme or distribution on any recent version of Drupal (currently that’s Drupal 6, 7 and 8) to see if it provides the functionality you require. In fact, I was able to install Drupal 8 in less than 60 seconds!, and I was able to spin up a Drupal 7 site with the latest version of Views (including dependencies) in under 30 seconds!

Anyone can create a sandbox for 30 minutes, and if that’s not enough time, you can register a free account, which will grant you 60 minutes per site.

Simplytest.me has also been used as on-demand demo sites for modules, and has even been used in client presentations! You can also use it to easily test patches, which means that even those who are afraid of the command line can help out in the issue queues.

The following videos will demonstrate how to use Simplytest.me in your development workflow.