We need a Twitter application in order for our site to interact with Twitter. In this video, I will show you how to create that Twitter application. Then we'll finish configuring our site to post tweets to, and receive tweets from our Twitter account.

Create a Twitter application

  • Go to "https://apps.twitter.com"
  • Sign in with your Twitter account
  • (Create New App)
  • Name: MU Tweet Sharing App
  • Description: An app to share tweets between my site and my Twitter account.
  • Website: (Your website domain)
  • Callback URL: (Copy and paste from your site. Switch back to your Drupal site then go to "Configuration => Web Services => Twitter => Settings" (admin/config/services/twitter/settings) and just under the OAuth Settings, you'll see the Callback URL)
  • [x] Yes, I agree
  • (Create your Twitter application)

Configure Twitter Application

  • Click "Settings" tab
    • Application icon
    • Choose file to upload
    • Organization
    • Organization name: (Your organization name)
    • Organization website: (Your organization's website)
  • (Update settings)
  • Click "Permissions" tab
    • [x] Read and Write (This permission will allow your application to read and write from your Twitter account. Note: You may need to add your mobile number to your Twitter account, in order to verify ownership. See This support article for more info on that.)
  • (Update settings)
  • Click "Test OAuth" and switch back to your Drupal site to configure Twitter module settings.

Configure OAuth Settings

  • Go to "Configuration => Web services => Twitter => Settings" (admin/config/services/twitter/settings)
  • OAuth Consumer key: (Copy and paste form your Twitter application)
  • OAuth Consumer secret: (Copy and paste form your Twitter application)
  • (Save configuration)

Okay, we're ready to go! In the next video, we'll take a look at how this works by automatically posting to twitter when new content is created on our site, and displaying our Twitter stream on our site.