In this video, I will show you how to configure HybridAuth to support logging in to the site using a Google account.

Enable Google as an "Authentication Provider"

  • Go to "Configuration => People => HybridAuth" (admin/config/people/hybridauth)
  • Authentication providers: [x] Google
    • (Save configuration)
  • Click "Settings" next to Google
    • Application settings (In this tab, we'll need to provide the application ID and consumer secret key. In order to get these, we'll need to create a new Google application.)

Create a new Google Application

  • Open in a new tab.
  • Click "Create Project"
    • Project Name: Test MU Google Login App (Enter whatever you want.)
    • Project ID: (You can use the default value, or enter anything you'd like. I'll just leave it at the default.)
    • Click "Create"
    • In the left sidebar, select APIs & auth. A list of Google web services appears.
    • Find the Google+ API service and set its status to ON. (Note: This moves it to the top of the list.)
    • In the sidebar, select Credentials.
    • In the OAuth section of the page, select Create New Client ID.
      • Application Type: Web application
      • Authorized JavaScript Origins: (Copy and paste from the settings page on your website.)
      • Authorized Redirect URI: (Copy and paste from the settings page on your website.)
      • Click "Create Client ID"

On the resulting page, you'll see the Client ID and Client secret that you will need to enter in the corresponding fields on your site.

Application settings

  • Switch back to the settings page on your site
  • Application ID: (Copy and paste from your Google app.)
  • Application consumer secret: (Copy and paste from your Google app.)
  • (Save configuration)

And that's all there is to it! Now, if we go home, we'll see that we can login using our Google account.

In the next video, we'll install the Twitter module so that we can display tweets from our twitter account on our site, as well as post tweets automatically when we publish content on our site.