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032 Florian Loretan and DrupalCon Munich - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Florian Loretan

Florian Loretan joins me again to give us an update on DrupalCon Munich. The conference is coming up soon! So, if you haven't purchased your ticket yet, get one now before they are sold out!


  • I know that before I attended DrupalCon Denver, I really didn’t know what to expect out of a DrupalCon. So for anyone that might be listening who hasn’t been to one, what is a DrupalCon?
    • There are sessions, BOFs, Day stage, vendors, pre-conference trainings, etc.

DrupalCon Munich

  • When is it?
    • August 21st-23rd (with pre-conference training on the 20th, and Contribution sprints on the 24th)
  • Where is it?
    • Hotel is sold out
    • Look for hotels near the subway line U4 or the tram line 16 and 18
  • Who are the keynote speakers, and what will they talk about?
    • Dries Buytaert - The State of Drupal
    • Anke Domscheit-Berg - Open Government, Open Data
    • Fabien Potencier - Dream, Experiment, Create, and Share
  • What tracks are available?
    • Coding and Development
    • Community
    • Frontend
    • Business and Strategy
    • Sitebuilding
    • DevOps
    • Core Conversation
    • Day stage
  • Are there any featured sessions you’d like to point out?
    • No specific one, but a lot of outreach to other technologies
  • What pre conference trainings will be available?
    • How much do they cost? 400€ or 500€ for non-attendees
  • DrupalCon Ticket sales close on August 17th
  • What has been going on since the last podcast
    • Ticket sales
    • Session proposals
      • See http://munich2012.drupal.org/stats/sessions
      • Voting
    • Social event
      • Community wishes
    • Special offer for flights from Lufthansa for those who don’t have a ticket

014 Florian Loretan Announces DrupalCon Munich and Barry Jaspan Explains the Permentently Free Developer Tier of Acquia Cloud - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Florian Loretan

While at DrupalCon Denver, I met up with Florian Loretan (@floretan) to get the specifics on DrupalCon Munich. Some of the details he talks about include: the dates, who the keynote speakers will be and pricing. Registration is open now, so go register!

I also got to talk with Barry Jaspan (@bjaspan) about the recently announced permanently free developer tier of Acquia Cloud. We also talked a bit about what the future holds for the standard managed cloud service. This is really great stuff!

013 Ben Finklea and the Blue Drop Awards - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Ben Finklea (@BenFinklea), the CEO of Volacci, talked to me about the Blue Drop Awards while I was at DrupalCon Denver, and I decided I needed to have him on the show to help spread the word about the Blue Drop Awards.

The timeline looks like this:
Deadline for submission: Thursday, March 22nd
Voting period: Tuesday, March 27th - Friday, April 6th
Winners announced: Tuesday, April 10th

Go vote!