This video will give you an idea about what you can expect to learn in the video series.

We’ll start out by walking through the various modules and libraries that are needed in order to fully utilize Zencoder, Amazon S3 and the Video module on your website. Then we’ll walk through setting up our Amazon S3 account, create a bucket for our videos and make sure that Zencoder has access to our bucket. Then we’ll move on to configuring the Video module itself, including how to convert the videos, what player(s) to use, and whether to convert the videos individually or in batches. We will also create our Zencoder account and configure Zencoder to talk to our site.

We’ll create a new content type to use for our videos and post a video to see everything we’ve configured working in action. Then we’ll configure the Rules module to automatically publish our videos only after they have been converted. And finally, create a video gallery to display our videos in a grid.