This video shows how to use a fieldset to visually group related information, and how to use page breaks to create multi-page forms.


A fieldset is great for visually grouping fields on your form. I'm going to move the "name", "email", "birthday", "gender" and "Annual income" fields into this new fieldset.

  • Title: Personal Information
  • Collapsible: This will allow the user to collapse and expand this fieldset.
  • Collapsed: This will make the fieldset collapsed by default.

Page break

And finally our last option is "page break". I'll put a page break after "What time do you get up in the morning" and call it "Page 2" (because everything after this will be on page 2). I'll also put one after "Resume" and call it "Page 3". It's a good Idea to name your page breaks so that you know what's going on in your analysis. What this will do is break the survey into multiple pages. Everything above the first page break is on the first page, everything between the page breaks will be on the second page and everything below our second page break will be on the third page.

Now that we're done, I'll choose "Save form", and I'll click "View" to fill out our form!

In Part 10, we'll take a look at the submissions we've entered up to that point.