In this series we'll be walking through the awesome Webform module.

We'll go in-depth through all of the field types that are available to use in your form. We'll discuss how to make multi-page forms. How to create conditional fields that only display if certain criteria is met. How to create private fields so that you or your team can make comments on a submission that the user can not see. We'll explore the various download options so that you can import your submissions into another system, or keep them as backups. You'll see how to automatically send one, or more emails when the form is submitted. We'll create a custom "Thank You" message that is displayed when the user submits the form. We'll also take a look at how we can redirect a user to a specific page when they submit the form. And if you've ever been frustrated about the lack of configurability of the default contact form, we'll create a replacement contact form that will let you add as many or few fields to as you like. Finally, we'll see how the Mollom service can protect our forms from spam without requiring legitimate users to fill out a cumbersome captcha every time.