This video shows a quick tip about how to include private fields in your webform, so that administrators can make notes about submissions that are not visible to the user filling out the form.

Using private fields for internal comments

Now, I'll show you an advanced usage of private fields. What we'll do is create a couple of private fields for site admins to make internal comments on the form and specify if additional action is required regarding the submission. I'm going to create two new fields. One will be a textarea for comments, and the other will be a select box indicating that all actions have been completed. (Due to the current limitations of private fields and the Form Builder module, I'll create the fields, and then disable the "Form Builder Webform UI" module to make them private.)

Add Select list:

  • Title: Form Status
  • Options:
    • Action Required (Default)
    • Complete

Add Textarea:

  • Title: Internal Comments

Now I'll disable the "Form Builder Webform UI" module and make both of these fields private.
I'll go fill out the contact form as "Chelsea" (an authenticated user).
Once completed, she can view the submission, and see everything but the private fields.

The cool thing here is that anyone with the permission "Access all webform results" can view the form and see the private fields. They can also edit the form to set the form status and enter comments in the "Internal Comments" field. This can be useful when a team of people all need to respond to a form submission.

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