CKEditor is mainly configured on a per-text format basis, but there are some global settings. This video shows how to configure those global settings.

  • Go to “Configuration => Content authoring => CKEditor” (admin/config/content/ckeditor)

Here, you’ll see that there are two default profiles. The “Advanced” profile is enabled for the “Filtered HTML” text format, and the “Full” profile is enabled for the “Full HTML” text format. We can also edit the global settings. Let’s go ahead and do that before we jump into the profile settings.

  • Click “edit” next to “CKEditor Global Profile”

Here you can select a skin to use for CKEditor. The only one that comes as a default is “Moono”, so I’ll be using that. On this page, you can also set the paths for CKEditor, CKEditor plugins and CKFinder (which we won’t be using in this series). The defaults will generally work, so I’ll be leaving those alone. Finally, you can enable and disable aggregation of ckeditor.js and the use of the drag and drop feature of the toolbar setup. Again, I like all of the defaults, so I’m not going to change them. I’ll just head back to the CKEditor configuration page.