In this video we’re going to install the CKEditor module and the CKEditor library. Then we’ll take a brief look at the permissions that affect CKEditor.


  • Install:
  • Download the CKEditor library from (You can choose the Basic, Standard or Full package. I’ll be using the Full package.)
    • Place the CKEditor library in “sites/all/libraries” so that “ckeditor.js” is at “sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/ckeditor.js”
  • Enable:
    • CKEditor
    • Libraries API


  • Set permissions at “People => Permissions” (admin/people/permissions)
    • CKEditor Permissions:
      • If you have other users that will be configuring CKEditor, you can grant access here. You do not need to give these permissions to users in order for them to USE CKEditor.
    • Filter Permissions:
      • Users will need access to the text formats for which you enable CKEditor in able to use it. For example, if you only enable CKEditor for the “Full HTML” text format, but users only have access to the “Filtered HTML” format, they will not see the CKEditor wysiwyg.
      • You could create a new text format for this, but I’m going to use the “Filtered HTML” format. So, I don’t need to change anything here.