In this video, we will paste an image from our clipboard into the filefield.

Before we begin, it should be noted that the clipboard option only works for images. If you try to paste a text file or anything else, it simply will not work.

  • Go to “Content => Add content = > Article” (node/add/article)
  • Title: Article #3
  • Body: (Lorem Ipsum)
  • Click "Clipboard"
  • Copy a file to the Clipboard
  • Press "Cmd + V" (or "Ctrl + V" for Windows)

Now, before we save, I want to take a minute to explain how this works. At first, I thought it was unusable, but then realized I was just doing it wrong. So here's how it works.

I copied a file from my local directory, and pasted that here. It was immediately uploaded to the server, so let's take a look. When I open the file, it is a really low resolution version of the original, and if we take a look at the dimensions, it says it's 512x512. The original is 1920x1080, so something's not right. What's happening (at least on my Mac) is that it's copying the thumbnail representation of this image, not the image itself. So, to get the actual image, we need to first open the file in something like Preview, then select all, and copy that. Let's try it out.

  • Click "Remove" next to the uploaded image
  • Open the original image in Preview
  • Choose "Edit => Select All" ("Cmd + A" or "Ctrl + A")
  • Go back to the site and paste the image into the Clipboard field

Now, if we take a look at the uploaded file, we'll see that it has uploaded the full resolution of the image.

  • (Save)

Now, let's take a look at how we can reference existing files and save space on our server.