This time, we'll select a file at a remote URL, instead of one from our local machine. I'm going to select the tar.gz file of the latest release of the FileField Sources module.

  • Go to “Content => Add content = > Article” (node/add/article)
  • Title: Article #2
  • Body: (Lorem Ipsum)
  • Click "Remote URL"
  • (Copy the URL of the tar.gz file)
  • Go back to our Drupal site and paste the URL on the remote URL field
  • Click "Transfer"
  • (Save)

When we view this article and hover over the file link, we will see that the file is being served from our website. And if we check our files directory, you'll see the file in the same directory as sample.pdf.

Next, we'll try the (somewhat finicky) Clipboard option.