In this video we will configure all of the non-Drupally stuff that needs to be in place for Zencoder and Amazon S3 to function properly. We will create and configure a bucket on Amazon S3 to store our videos, and we will ensure that Zencoder can access our Drupal site as well as our Amazon S3 bucket.

Configure Amazon S3

Create/Configure your S3 account

  • Go to
  • Choose to either create an account, or sign in
  • Once you are logged in, click the "Create Bucket" button
  • Give your bucket a name. (It is no longer recommended that you include a ‘.’ in the bucket name.)
  • Click "Create"

Give Zencoder access to your S3 account

  • Select your bucket
  • Click "Permissions"
  • Click "Add more permissions"
  • Grantee:
  • Grant the following permissions:
    • List
    • Upload/Delete
    • View Permissions
    • Edit Permissions

Configure AWS SDK for PHP

  • Go to and log in using the email address and password you used to register your S3 account
  • In the left hand column, click on "Security Credentials"
  • Click "Create a new Access Key"
  • Copy your Access Key ID
  • On your Drupal site and go to “Configuration => Media => AWS SDK for PHP” (admin/config/media/awssdk)
  • Paste your Access Key ID into the box labeled "Amazon Web Services Key"
  • On the Amazon site, click "Show" under the Secret Access Key. Copy the revealed key and paste it into the box labeled "Amazon Web Services Secret Key" on your Drupal site.
  • (Save configuration)

Configure Amazon S3 on your Drupal site

  • Go to “Configuration => Media => Amazon S3” (admin/config/media/amazons3)
  • Enter your bucket name
  • (Save configuration)