In this video I'll show you what modules you need to install, what libraries need to accompany those modules, and which modules need to be enabled.

Because we’re going to be using Zencoder, and Zencoder needs to be able to access our site. I’ll be using one of my free developer sites on Pantheon for this series. If you haven’t tried out Pantheon yet, head on over and sign up for a free account. You’ll have instant access to create three developer sites which are fully functional sites with full access to the Pantheon dashboard and workflow.

Install modules

Install libraries

Download and install the following libraries to sites/all/libraries

  • VideoJS (so that video.js is at sites/all/libraries/video-js/video.js.)
  • AWS SDK for PHP (so that sdk.class.php is at sites/all/libraries/awssdk/sdk.class.php. You will need to rename the folder, and may need to clear your cache before Drupal picks up this library. Also, since I’m using the 4.x version of the module, I’ll use version of the library.)
  • Zencoder-php (Make sure that sites/all/libraries/zencoder/Services/Zencoder.php exists. You can also safely delete the documentation folder.)

Enable modules

  • Amazon S3
  • Video Presets
  • AWS SDK for PHP UI
  • AWS SDK for PHP
  • Video UI
  • Video
  • VideoJS
  • Libraries
  • Zencoder API

  • Go to “Reports => Status Report” (admin/reports/status) to see if the libraries have been loaded properly.