Jeff Burnz talks about AdaptiveTheme and how you can use it to build custom responsive themes.

Some questions he answers include:

  • What exactly is AdaptiveTheme?
  • How does AdaptiveTheme change for different devices?
  • How easy is it to create a sub-theme for AdaptiveTheme?
  • I’ve seen Corolla demonstrated by Ryan Szrama in some of his Drupal Commerce videos. He said that he likes it a lot. What makes it so good?
  • What other sub-themes are available off the shelf that I can use in my Drupal site?

Questions from Twitter

I asked, on Twitter, if anyone had any questions for you about responsive design and Drupal, and here are a few that I got back:

  • Paul Johnson (@pdjohnson): How do I sell responsive design to my clients?
  • Paul Johnson: What viewport widths do you work to?
  • Jon Stieglitz (@jonstieglitz): Can you talk about responsive vs. adaptive? And with that, would you explain the difference between the two?
  • Jon Stieglitz: What is best practice when dealing with images in responsive design?
  • Paul del signore (@pdelsignore): I think how images + imagecache is handled in adaptive would be cool to know

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