• What’s the backstory behind Aurora?
  • What did you see missing from other base themes that made you decide to create another?
  • Aurora has awesome documentation! The download includes a pdf, and you’ve also put it out as a free ebook in the iBookstore. You’ve got to be the first theme developer to do that. What made you decide to do it?
  • There’s some installation on the development machine that needs to be done in order to use Aurora. Can you go over what some of those requirements are?
  • Ok, so what would you consider Aurora’s best feature? Or what makes it stand out from the rest?


  • The project page says Aurora has a companion module suite called Borealis? What is that?

Questions from Twitter

  • Paul Johnson (@pdjohnson) wants to know:
    • Why would someone choose Aurora over Omega?
    • Do I need to be more of a Techy themer to use it?
    • What is the learning curve like?
  • Tony Groff (@tgroff) had a few questions:
    • Why is the project page dated March 16, 2007? The SASS theme hasn't been around that long. If he acquired the d.o/project namespace from a previous person, can he talk a little about that transition process of taking over the name?
    • What is the Borealis Suite? Should I always be using Borealis with the Aurora theme?
    • Please explain more about SASS "partials" and CSS abstraction. Is it the best practice to declare the .block-header class in both the _layout.scss partial, and the _design.scss partial?
    • Talk about his involvement with - ?