Morten DK and Pedro Cambra were both recently elected to the Drupal Association Board, and took some time out of their day to talk with me about the Association and what they plan to do now that they're on the board.

Drupal Association

  • Can you explain who the DA are and what they do.
  • How can the DA improve understanding of what they do.
  • What does being an at large board member actually mean?
  • Do you get paid
  • Are board meetings in face to face and how often
  • Can you explain a little of how the process works behind closed doors in board meetings
  • Can normal community members get involved in the decisions the DA make

Your Opinions

  • Where do you think the DA should focus efforts to help grow Drupal
  • Where do you think the biggest challenges exist in the Drupal community
  • How does the DA become a truly globally represented organization

Questions from Twitter

  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Besides Danish dynamite and the Spanish passion, what are @mortendk & @pcambra bringing to @DrupalAssoc? #MUP048
  • jerryitt (@jerryitt) - #MUP048 Hey guys. Congrats on your appointment's to the @DrupalAssoc
  • Christopher Dunne (@dunnee88) - #MUP048 Enjoyed @mortendk 's talk at #dcnw12 I'm a student @SalfordUni How can I get involved? :)
  • steinmb (@steinmb) - Would you discuss what's the major challenges @DrupalAssoc are facing due to the growth of the Drupal community? #MUP048
  • jerryitt (@jerryitt) - Are there plans for the open board meetings to be held over Google+ hangout or similar so it is more accessible #MUP048 @mortendk @pcambra
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Only time you can get @mortendk quiet is when he takes a sip of the #awesomesauce... #MUP048
  • steinmb (@steinmb) - Amazing, a podcast with @mortendk that we can tag as "clean" - no swearing? #MUP048 #Drupal
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson - Thanks @mortendk & @pcambra, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. Great to hear your enthusiasm for the task. #MUP048