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066 The aGov Distribution with Kim Pepper - Modules Unraveled Podcast

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aGov Distribution

  • What is aGov?
  • Previous next is the main driving force behind aGov
  • Why did you create it?
  • Features
    • Australian metadata standard
    • Workflow
    • Scheduled publishing
    • Site archiving
    • Integrating with an accessibility checker
    • Security features
    • Responsive
  • Accessibility

    • WCAG 2 AA
    • Color contrast ratios
  • What modules are you using?

    • Media
    • Blog
    • Honeypot
    • Panels in-place editor
    • Workbench
  • Patched modules along the way to make them accessible

Use Cases

  • Government Departments that want to get a site up quickly
  • Is this only applicable to government in Australia?

    • Are there different standards for government agencies in Europe or America?
  • Collaborating with Canadian distribution

    • Why can’t they just use aGov?
  • Had an independent audit by Vision Australia


  • What’s in the future?
    • Shared infrastructure (taxonomy, etc.)
  • Beta version of the accessibility checker is out, we’re going to improve that
  • Possibly rebuild on Panopoly

048 MortenDK and Pedro Cambra the Newest Drupal Association Board Members - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of MortenDK

Morten DK and Pedro Cambra were both recently elected to the Drupal Association Board, and took some time out of their day to talk with me about the Association and what they plan to do now that they're on the board.

Drupal Association

  • Can you explain who the DA are and what they do.
  • How can the DA improve understanding of what they do.
  • What does being an at large board member actually mean?
  • Do you get paid
  • Are board meetings in face to face and how often
  • Can you explain a little of how the process works behind closed doors in board meetings
  • Can normal community members get involved in the decisions the DA make

Your Opinions

  • Where do you think the DA should focus efforts to help grow Drupal
  • Where do you think the biggest challenges exist in the Drupal community
  • How does the DA become a truly globally represented organization

Questions from Twitter

  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Besides Danish dynamite and the Spanish passion, what are @mortendk & @pcambra bringing to @DrupalAssoc? #MUP048
  • jerryitt (@jerryitt) - #MUP048 Hey guys. Congrats on your appointment's to the @DrupalAssoc
  • Christopher Dunne (@dunnee88) - #MUP048 Enjoyed @mortendk 's talk at #dcnw12 I'm a student @SalfordUni How can I get involved? :)
  • steinmb (@steinmb) - Would you discuss what's the major challenges @DrupalAssoc are facing due to the growth of the Drupal community? #MUP048
  • jerryitt (@jerryitt) - Are there plans for the open board meetings to be held over Google+ hangout or similar so it is more accessible #MUP048 @mortendk @pcambra
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Only time you can get @mortendk quiet is when he takes a sip of the #awesomesauce... #MUP048
  • steinmb (@steinmb) - Amazing, a podcast with @mortendk that we can tag as "clean" - no swearing? #MUP048 #Drupal
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson - Thanks @mortendk & @pcambra, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. Great to hear your enthusiasm for the task. #MUP048

003 Jess and Core Office Hours - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Have you heard of Drupal Core Office Hours? Do you know what they are? How about the fact that you, yes YOU can help make Drupal better every week?!

Listen in as I talk with Jess about what Drupal core office hours are, who can get involved, and what they can do to make Drupal a better CMS for everyone. Below you'll find a rather detailed outline that Jess put together.

About Jess

  • xjm on (
  • Community Spotlight: Jess (xjm) (
  • Drupal 8 core commit mentions (

Resources for the Drupal core office hours

  • Drupal core office hours (
  • Denver core office day (
  • @drupalcore (!/drupalcore)
  • Drupal IRC handbook (
  • Setting up a development environment (

Resources for contributing to Drupal core

  • Core and you! (
  • Drupal core issue queue (
  • Novice issues ([0]=1&status[1]=8&status[2]=13&status[3]=14&status[4]=15&issue_tags_op=or&issue_tags=Novice)
  • API Documentation issues (
  • Drupal coding standards (

Configuration management Initiative

  • Drupal core initiatives (

Office hours outline

Purpose of office hours

  1. Help people work on the Drupal core issue queue
  2. Onramp new contributors to core
  3. Encourage experienced developers to devote time to the core queue periodically

Where and when

  • #drupal IRC (irc://
  • Tuesdays, 0400 UTC ( (Note: This is Monday night in the Americas)
  • Wednesdays, 1600 UTC (


  1. Drupal core developers are all volunteers (and you can be one too!)
  2. There are currently over 9300 open issues filed against Drupal core, many of which need basic handling
  3. Getting involved in Drupal core development can be intimidating


  • If possible, set up a sandbox Drupal site, preferably with git (
  • Join Drupal IRC during one of the timeslots above
  • Say that you’re interested in participating in office hours
  • Work on one or more issues

Ways a non-developer can help

  1. Get steps to reproduce
  2. Triage potential contributed module issues and move to correct queues
  3. Look for duplicates of issues and related issues
  4. Handle or refer support requests
  5. Write issue summaries

Ways to help with git

  1. Help test patches
  2. Improve patch code style or documentation
  3. Patch novice issues