Translation as it is in Drupal 7

  • How has translation been done (in Drupal) in the past?
  • Why Entity Translation? What holes does it fill?
  • The second beta of Entity Translation was just released at the end of November, what kinds of updates were included with that?
  • What’s left to do before a 1.0 release?
    • Roadmap in the issue queue:
  • Does ET integrate/use TMGMT? (Translation Management Tool)

Entity Translation in Drupal 8

  • Entity Translation has been committed to Drupal 8 core! Congratulations! When did that happen?
  • How will translations be handled in Drupal 8?
  • Before we started recording you mentioned some other entity related aspects you ran into while getting ET into D8. Would you mind talking about some of those?

Questions from Twitter

  • Transition (‏@Transition) - @ModsUnraveled how's support for CJKV languages? Chinese characters and such.
    • Is there somewhere people can go to find out more about unicode in Drupal 8?
  • Cathy YesCT (@ctheys) - Could it be said Entity Translation is a culmination of X months/years of work? #MUP049 #drupal #d8mi
    • Started Feb 2009
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Will revisioning & staging work on translations too? With WB Moderate only the original content is staged, not the translations. #MUP049