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071 DrupalCon Prague DevOps Track - Modules Unraveled Podcast


  • Jochen, what is DevOps? and what is your vision for the track at DrupalCon Prague?
    • The DevOps track covers all aspects of bringing Drupal websites into operation -- and making sure that they meet the demand of the business. This only works when development and operations work hand in hand -- hence, DevOps. In DevOps, the core characteristics can be summed up as “CAMS”: Culture, Automating, Measuring, Sharing. Culture means that people and process go first. In Automation, we use tools to get our processes working end-to-end. If we want to improve, we need to measure. And with the sharing of our insight and experience, we’re back to culture again. DrupalCon is a great place to talk about DevOps, and especially DrupalCon Prague with its “One to many” topic. Most of us start our infrastructure with one server and scale from there. IT teams as well grow from a single developer to a group of people. I’m very excited to have some great speakers on my track!


  • Jon, What’s the title of your session, and what is it going to be about?
    I’m going to be talking about my experiences bringing “start-up-like” DevOps thinking around deploying Linux servers and Drupal to a large, established organisation. It’ll be a bit of a war story in places, because it certainly wasn’t plain sailing.

049 Francesco Placella and Entity Translation in Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Francesco Placella

Translation as it is in Drupal 7

  • How has translation been done (in Drupal) in the past?
  • Why Entity Translation? What holes does it fill?
  • The second beta of Entity Translation was just released at the end of November, what kinds of updates were included with that?
  • What’s left to do before a 1.0 release?
    • Roadmap in the issue queue:
  • Does ET integrate/use TMGMT? (Translation Management Tool)

Entity Translation in Drupal 8

  • Entity Translation has been committed to Drupal 8 core! Congratulations! When did that happen?
  • How will translations be handled in Drupal 8?
  • Before we started recording you mentioned some other entity related aspects you ran into while getting ET into D8. Would you mind talking about some of those?

Questions from Twitter

  • Transition (‏@Transition) - @ModsUnraveled how's support for CJKV languages? Chinese characters and such.
    • Is there somewhere people can go to find out more about unicode in Drupal 8?
  • Cathy YesCT (@ctheys) - Could it be said Entity Translation is a culmination of X months/years of work? #MUP049 #drupal #d8mi
    • Started Feb 2009
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Will revisioning & staging work on translations too? With WB Moderate only the original content is staged, not the translations. #MUP049

046 Fabian Franz and Twig in Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Fabian Franz joins me this week to talk about what Twig is, and how it got into Drupal 8 Core.

Background on Twig

  • Before we jump into what Twig is, what it does, and how it got into core, I want to get a little background on the topic.
  • Twig is an external project that we’re integrating into Drupal, right?
  • Who started the Twig project?
    • Fabien Potencier, founder of Symfony
  • When was that?
    • October 07, 2009 (
    • When I started with Drupal, another coincidence?
  • What is Twig replacing?
    • PHP Template
  • Why?
    • Easier syntax
    • Security
    • Endless possibilities

Twig as it is now

Jen Lampton was on the Drupalize.Me Podcast back in September talking with Addie about Twig. But, for the three people who are listening to this, and aren’t subscribed to the Drupalize.Me podcast, can you tell us a little bit about:

  • How it affects site administrators/clients?
  • How it affects site-builders?
  • How it affects theme developers?
  • How it affects module developers?
  • Is there a user interface that comes with Twig? Or is this just for coders?
  • Does Twig affect the way we use Panels, Display Suite, Context or other layout modules?
  • How does Twig affect:
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Multilingual sites

Twig in Core!



  • How long has the “get Twig in core” process been in-progress?
  • How many people have been working on getting Twig into Drupal?
    • I don’t really know, but over all code sprints and sandbox commits I would say 50-100 with a core team of around 5-10 people.
    • Just looking at who has sandbox commit access is exciting.

  • What was/is your involvement with that process?
    • Late to the game: 24th of September, through chx role call
    • Found an issue, thought about a different solution, worked on it
    • First working approach posted on my birthday :-D
    • Solved a real blocker (references in twig land) with some MAGIC!
    • Then First real Core Patch by me: Oct 4

  • When did it get committed to Core?
    • LIVE COMMIT! :-D on Nov, 3rd. Soo exciting!

  • How much of core has been replaced with Twig?
  • If I download Drupal 8 today, will the core themes all be ‘Twig themes’?
  • Questions from Twitter

    • Micah Godbolt (@micahgodbolt): what are the major frustrations in d7 that twig will be addressing in d8
    • Cameron Eagans (@cweagans): Pretty much everyone knows that Twig is awesome, and the ones that don't are in denial =P
    • Karyn Cassio (@TechGirlGeek): Kudos to the team implementing #TWIG for #Drupal 8's theme layer. Exciting stuff.
    • Carson Black (@carsonblack): what kind of feedback have they received from designers about how it works?
    • Carson Black: have they seen an increase in the # of designers since they created twig?
    • Transition (@Transition): what are the best ways to get started learning it? It'll be new to most Drupal Front-End devs.
    • Transition: also, are there any differences b/w using Twig on it's own vs. using it in Drupal?
    • Jared Stoneberg (@rock_soup): really impressed that twig actually works w/render arrays

    023 Earl Miles and Getting Views In Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Earl Miles

    This week the illustrious Earl Miles (@merlinofchaos) of the little known Views, CTools and Panels modules talks with me about his recent project to get Views into core for Drupal 8.

    Here's what we talked about

    • There has been effort in the past to get views into core. How many times has it been proposed?
    • Why didn’t it pan out before?
    • What are you doing differently this time?
    • Why will it succeed this time when it has failed in the past?
    • Who’s on the team and what are their roles?
    • What does this mean for experienced Drupal developers/sitebuilders?
    • What does this mean for somebody who’s brand new to Drupal, trying it out for the first time?

    Questions from Twitter

    • Paul Delsignore (@pdelsignore): wow, you got the big guy! ask him if the UI would change in 8, and if there are any expected additions.
    • Damien McKenna (@DamienMcKenna): Views 3 adds new widget types vs what D7 includes, will there be consolidation of these so core & Views work the same?
      • Earl: I actually have no idea what this question means.
        • Damien: The drop-down menus e.g. for the Operations menu on Views, vs the individual links on e.g. Context or Panelizer.
    • Damien McKenna: Will vdc still have separate modules for the core functionality vs UI, i.e. views.module vs views_ui.module?
    • Thomas Lattimore (@tlattimore): Why should views be in core vs contrib?
    • Thomas Lattimore: What portions of views are going into core, the API, the UI, all of if?

    If you want to get involved and have a hand in getting Views into core for Drupal 8 click the chipin button below!

    017 Gabor Hojtsy and the Multilingual Initiative for Drupal 8 - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Gabor Hojtsy

    This week I talk with Gábor Hojtsy about the Multilingual Initiative for Drupal 8.

    Questions he answers

    • For those who’ve not heard of the Multilingual Initiative, can you tell us what it is and what it will accomplish?
    • Is it just a way to translate text on a page? Can’t Google do that?
    • What have you accomplished so far?
    • How do you manage all these tasks?
    • What are the big things still to be worked on?

    012 Greg Dunlap and the Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8 - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Greg Dunlap

    Greg Dunlap talks about the Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) and how it will improve the dev/staging/production process by moving configuration out of the database, and into files that can be easily moved across sites.

    Things he talks about

    • What is CMI and what will it do?
    • What has it been like being an initiative lead?

    Questions from Twitter

    • (@DamienMcKenna) Damien McKenna
      Why does he feel the current configuration structure is the best option?
    • (@Crell) Larry Garfield
      Are UUIDs and deployment still part of your initiative, or have those fallen by the wayside? Who's picking those up?

    009 Larry Garfield and The Future of Drupal Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Larry Garfield

    Larry Garfield (@Crell), who is the "Web Services and Context Core Initiative Lead", talks to me about WSCCI and how it will fundamentally change the way Drupal's back-end will function in Drupal 8. He starts out by talking about what web services are and how they work, then he talks about how Drupal 8 will incorporate REST and Symfony2 into core. He also gives an idea of how this will (or will not) affect Drupal module developers and site builders.