• What is the theme of the track?

I tried to make the theme consistent with the overall DrupalCon Prague theme of “One to many”.
Leveraging new paradigms in Drupal 8: improving your projects and workflows
Drupal as an application platform
Integrating Drupal’s API with other systems and libraries

So we really want to present Drupal as a unifying platform, that can consolidate many technologies.

Part of that is what Alex is going to talk about in his featured session - removing some of the Drupalisms that we have all gotten used to in favour of incorporating best-of-breed open source components from outside the community. I think Symfony’s components are the most obvious example there, but there are a lot of other components too (like Guzzle, Doctrine).

Another element is the general move to OO, PSR-0, and the adoption of modern design patterns which bring us up to date with other major PHP projects. The plumbing is there now to integrate with other frameworks - and we’re doing that.

I’ve kind of been talking about low level code integrations, But theres also a lot that can and has been achieved with Drupal as it is today, by incorporating integrations with outside systems via web services, or supplying services to other systems. So I would like some of our presentations to cover how Drupal integrates, and maybe in ways you hopefully haven’t thought of.


  • What is the name of your session, and what is it going to be about?