• What is ELMS?
  • So why Drupal or more importantly, why not Moodle?
  • Is there a Paas option to use ELMS?
  • How long has this been around?
  • Is it a project? or a distribution?
  • Before we started recording, you mentioned the ELMS style guide. What is that?
  • What was the D6 functionality?
  • How has the functionality changed in D7?
  • Why go the route of 10 different distributions instead of one?
    • How do they all work together? Can they share content or functionality?
  • What are the D7 distributions?
    • ELMS: Course Information System
    • ELMS: Massively Open Online Course (MOOC)
    • ELMS: Collaborative learning
    • ELMS: Media
    • Ulmus Distribution (base distribution)
    • Planned for the future
      • ELMS: ICOR Distribution
      • ELMS: LAR Distribution
      • ELMS: CIS Compliance
      • ELMS: CIS Helpdesk
      • ELMS: Case based learning distro
  • How did you get it to be accepted by the university? Especially with the GPL license?
  • You mentioned that your are able to contribute back to Drupal in a way that is a bit different from most universities. Do you want to explain that a little bit?
  • Why work directly in Education?

Use Cases

  • Is this targeted primarily at Universities or K-12 districts?
  • Do you know of any, or have a list of schools using it now?
  • What’s in the pipeline for future development/functionality?

Questions from Twitter

  • Eric Aitala
    What are your thoughts about MOOCs and their relevance in HigherEd?
  • Rachel Lawson
    Interested in plans. Just about to migrate a site to d7 for Cardiff University Hospital that has CPD work on it... (Continuing Professional Development)

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