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083 ELMS with Bryan Ollendyke - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Bryan Ollendyke


  • What is ELMS?
  • So why Drupal or more importantly, why not Moodle?
  • Is there a Paas option to use ELMS?
  • How long has this been around?
  • Is it a project? or a distribution?
  • Before we started recording, you mentioned the ELMS style guide. What is that?
  • What was the D6 functionality?
  • How has the functionality changed in D7?
  • Why go the route of 10 different distributions instead of one?
    • How do they all work together? Can they share content or functionality?
  • What are the D7 distributions?
    • ELMS: Course Information System
    • ELMS: Massively Open Online Course (MOOC)
    • ELMS: Collaborative learning
    • ELMS: Media
    • Ulmus Distribution (base distribution)
    • Planned for the future
      • ELMS: ICOR Distribution
      • ELMS: LAR Distribution
      • ELMS: CIS Compliance
      • ELMS: CIS Helpdesk
      • ELMS: Case based learning distro
  • How did you get it to be accepted by the university? Especially with the GPL license?
  • You mentioned that your are able to contribute back to Drupal in a way that is a bit different from most universities. Do you want to explain that a little bit?
  • Why work directly in Education?

Use Cases

  • Is this targeted primarily at Universities or K-12 districts?
  • Do you know of any, or have a list of schools using it now?
  • What’s in the pipeline for future development/functionality?

Questions from Twitter

  • Eric Aitala
    What are your thoughts about MOOCs and their relevance in HigherEd?
  • Rachel Lawson
    Interested in plans. Just about to migrate a site to d7 for Cardiff University Hospital that has CPD work on it... (Continuing Professional Development)

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025 Nedjo Rogers and Rosemary Mann and The Open Outreach Distribution - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Nedjo Rogers and Rosemary Mann

This week Nedjo Rogers and Rosemary Mann join me to talk about their Open Outreach distribution.

Here's what we talked about

  • What is open outreach?
  • Why did you decide to create Open Outreach? (was it a personal need? client need?)
  • What does Open Outreach do?
  • What are some of the features included?
    • http://openoutreach.org/features
    • Are these using the apps model or another?
  • Who is contributing to Open Outreach?
  • How can groups get Open Outreach?

Use Cases

  • Who is Open Outreach aimed at?
  • What are some current projects and focuses?

What’s in the future?

  • CRM functionality
  • Compare External (CiviCRM) and internal (custom)

Questions from Twitter:

  • @tgroff: What are the benefits/differences between using http://drupal.org/project/debut_member vs. CiviCRM roles sync?
  • @tgroff: Does http://drupal.org/project/debut_member provide membership renewal, expiration, or renewal reminders?
  • @tgroff: Mostly like to know more about the "debut" modules. ex: can I just install http://drupal.org/project/debut_bio on any site and use it? etc