Migrate in Core!

  • Why was the Migrate module chosen to get into core?
  • How did this get into core even though Drupal is “frozen”?
  • What was the process involved?

Use Cases

  • What does the migrate process look like for sites on D6, D7, and older?

History of Migrate Module.

  • Who has used Migrate to upgrade a site already?

Questions from Twitter

  • Damien McKenna
    How much configuration will be migrated (variables, blocks table, etc), or is it going to be data-only?
  • socketwench
    How different will the migrate framework be for developers in 8 compared to 7? Will there be a configuration migration path?
  • Cathy YesCT
    What would make it easier for the team? What do they need (aside from eventual people to do small bits of migration/tests).
  • Cathy YesCT
    For each person, what is their proudest moment so far in working on migrate in D8?
  • Damien McKenna
    While working on the D8 codebase is there any consideration for backporting changes to the D7 Migrate module?
  • Cathy YesCT
    yay! as @1z411 said "post partial work" Great way to get quick good feedback that will help people learn.

  • Where can people go to get involved?

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