Template Picker

  • What is the template picker module?
  • Does it support all entities? (nodes/blocks/users/etc.)
    • Core Entities
    • Users
    • Taxonomy Terms
    • Comments
    • Nodes
    • Custom Entities
    • Doesn’t Support ECK (Yet)
  • Can you affect the different display types? or just full node?
  • How do you create new templates?
  • Where do you place the templates?
  • Can you set the default template to one of your custom templates?
  • Is there any way to affect multiple nodes at once? Or do you set the template individually?
  • How would you compare this to Display Suite?
  • Damien asked how does it compare to Panelizer?

Questions from Twitter

  • Damien McKenna
    How does it compare to #Panelizer? Does it handle revisions yet? #MUP096
  • Eric Rasmussen
    Any examples of other modules that have integrated using the template_picker_template_options hook? #MUP096

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