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150 What You Need to Know About Theming in Drupal 8 with Lewis Nyman and Morten DK - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Lewis Nyman and Morten DK


  • Drupal8 theming - why we did it
  • Plan for the unknown (responsive 2.0 how can we make D8 move forward & not break everything.
  • Seven theme & usability improvements in Drupal 8
    • Were you involved with Seven in Drupal 7?
    • What are your thoughts on alternate admin themes like Adminimal?
  • CSS architecture in Drupal 8
    • Why BEM?
  • Classy & Stable theme
    • Why you should always use a base-theme

Use Cases

  • How do the changes affect people who want to create custom themes and base themes?

Questions from Twitter

  • Eric J. Gruber
    Everything, really.
  • Dragan Eror
    How to remove query string from the end of CSS link, so I can enable browser's live reload? #MUP150 #drupal8
  • Eric J. Gruber
    What are some common hooks have changed from D7 to D8 that we need to be aware of?
  • Tamás Hajas
    Example about how can the new Stable theme help the work of frontenders. #MUP150
  • Tamás Hajas
    Status and future of core themes. #MUP150
  • why isnt seven called 8 ;)

119 The Classy Base Theme for Drupal 8 with Scott Reeves and David Hernandez - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Scott Reeves and David Hernandez

Consensus Banana

  • How did this all get started? and where does the “banana” come from.
    • From Morten: 2 years ago at BadCamp John Albin was holding a plastic sword from the pirate fest the day before. It was known as the sword of consensus. At DrupalCon Austin Morten had a banana that he was using to point to people and ask “So can we agree on X?”. That is how it became the banana of consensus. It was basically a pointing stick.
  • Technically, what is the change.
    • Moving classes from core to a base theme called Classy.
    • Multi-phased approach.
    • Phase 1, move classes out of preprocess functions and into the core templates.
    • Create the Classy base theme.
    • Phase 2, copy the core template with classes to Classy, remove the classes from core.
  • Why do themers need this.
    • Better options
    • Not everyone wants the same markup (themer survey)
    • Avoiding php
    • No time wasted undoing core.
  • What work has been done, what is left.
    • Preprocess changes (phase 1) far along.
    • Classy is RTBC, waiting for Dries to approve.
    • Phase 2 to start at or just after Amsterdam (don’t need to wait until phase 1 is 100% complete)
  • Chance of failure?
    • Changes have to be in by RC1.
  • Who to thank?
    • joelpittet, mdrummond, crowdcg, lauriii, alexpott!
  • Are there any other theme layer changes to look forward to that have come about because of the banana consensus?
    • addClass/removeClass is in, what about setAttribute/removeAttribute? Similarities to jQuery make this (hopefully) more approachable for frontend developers.
  • Any other theming changes not related to banana?
    • Improved menu theming - menu.html.twig using a Twig macro

Use Cases

  • What it means for themers. What it means for developers.
    • Preprocess is still there so contrib can add classes if necessary - but is it necessary? Could it be done as a data- attribute?

106 All things Drupal 8 and Twig with Mortendk - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Morten DK

D8 Theming

  • What were the results of the theming survey?
    • People use Sass
    • Themes people are using


  • For anyone who’s been hiding under a rock, quickly explain what Twig is.
  • drupaltwig

  • What do you know of that’s going on at DrupalCon Austin?


Frontend United copenhagen 29-31 august
4 weeks before Drupalcon Amsterdam

Questions from Twitter

  • Marc Drummond
    You should ask @mortendk if he will write a Viking Edda hailing his love of divs and classes in Drupal's default markup.
  • Marek Sotak
    I thought DK in your nickname stands for Denmark, now I know - Morten DivKiller? :D

097 The Kalamuna (Bootstrap) Theme with Mike Pirog - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Mike Pirog


  • What is Kalatheme?
  • Does this play nicely with Panels/Context etc?
  • I don’t actually have any experience with Panels In Place Editor. What functionality does that provide the theme?
  • What version of Bootstrap are you using?
  • Is Sass-ability built in?
  • On the Project Page, it says you can use other Bootstrap themes. How does that work?
  • You mentioned a subtheme generator. What is that? How does it work?
  • Is this a base theme that people should sub-theme? Or can people use it out of the box.
  • What are the Drush commands that work with Kalatheme?

Use Cases

  • What do you see as the target audience for Kalatheme?
  • Do you know of any sites using Kalatheme that we can look at?

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096 The Template Picker Module with Bryan Braun - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Bryan Braun

Template Picker

  • What is the template picker module?
  • Does it support all entities? (nodes/blocks/users/etc.)
    • Core Entities
    • Users
    • Taxonomy Terms
    • Comments
    • Nodes
    • Custom Entities
    • Doesn’t Support ECK (Yet)
  • Can you affect the different display types? or just full node?
  • How do you create new templates?
  • Where do you place the templates?
  • Can you set the default template to one of your custom templates?
  • Is there any way to affect multiple nodes at once? Or do you set the template individually?
  • How would you compare this to Display Suite?
  • Damien asked how does it compare to Panelizer?

Questions from Twitter

  • Damien McKenna
    How does it compare to #Panelizer? Does it handle revisions yet? #MUP096
  • Eric Rasmussen
    Any examples of other modules that have integrated using the template_picker_template_options hook? #MUP096

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Have you heard of/used NodeSquirrel?
Use "StartToGrow" it's a 12-month free upgrade from the Start plan to the Grow plan. So, using it means that the Grow plan will cost $5/month for the first year instead of $10. (10 GB storage on up to 5 sites)

076 Omega 4.x with Sebastian Siemssen and Matt Smith - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Matt Smith

Omega 4.x

  • Omega 3 vs. Omega 4
    • No Layout Builder UI
    • No predefined breakpoints
    • No dependency on Omega Tools or need for Delta.
  • Sass, Compass & SMACSS
  • How does this work with Panels?
  • Will this be the route going forward for D8?
  • BEM class naming Syntax
  • Core CSS Cleanup
    • Easier to override
    • Split up stylesheets
  • Omega Layouts
  • Development tools (Guard / Grunt, LiveReload, etc.)
  • Manage assets (exclude CSS/JS, move JS to footer)
  • Manage browser compatibility (Chrome Frame, conditional classes, etc.)
  • Split up preprocess, process and theme functions
  • Drush Integration
    • drush help --filter="omega"
  • Ohm

Use Cases

  • What prompted the major overhaul?
    • This reminds me of the conversation going on around D8 right now.
    • How long can people keep using 3.x?
  • What does this mean for site-builders?
  • What does it mean for themers?
  • How does Omega 4.x compare to other base themes like AdaptiveTheme and Aurora?
  • When should we expect a stable release?

Questions from Twitter

  • Dirk Bazuin (@dbazuin): #MUP076 will there be templates made with
  • Kendall Totten (@KendallTotten): Is there a timeline for when we can expect all the Panels integration to be wrapped up in Omega 4.x? It sounds fantastic :) #MUP076

023 Earl Miles and Getting Views In Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Earl Miles

This week the illustrious Earl Miles (@merlinofchaos) of the little known Views, CTools and Panels modules talks with me about his recent project to get Views into core for Drupal 8.

Here's what we talked about

  • There has been effort in the past to get views into core. How many times has it been proposed?
  • Why didn’t it pan out before?
  • What are you doing differently this time?
  • Why will it succeed this time when it has failed in the past?
  • Who’s on the team and what are their roles?
  • What does this mean for experienced Drupal developers/sitebuilders?
  • What does this mean for somebody who’s brand new to Drupal, trying it out for the first time?

Questions from Twitter

  • Paul Delsignore (@pdelsignore): wow, you got the big guy! ask him if the UI would change in 8, and if there are any expected additions.
  • Damien McKenna (@DamienMcKenna): Views 3 adds new widget types vs what D7 includes, will there be consolidation of these so core & Views work the same?
    • Earl: I actually have no idea what this question means.
      • Damien: The drop-down menus e.g. for the Operations menu on Views, vs the individual links on e.g. Context or Panelizer.
  • Damien McKenna: Will vdc still have separate modules for the core functionality vs UI, i.e. views.module vs views_ui.module?
  • Thomas Lattimore (@tlattimore): Why should views be in core vs contrib?
  • Thomas Lattimore: What portions of views are going into core, the API, the UI, all of if?

If you want to get involved and have a hand in getting Views into core for Drupal 8 click the chipin button below!

017 Gabor Hojtsy and the Multilingual Initiative for Drupal 8 - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Gabor Hojtsy

This week I talk with Gábor Hojtsy about the Multilingual Initiative for Drupal 8.

Questions he answers

  • For those who’ve not heard of the Multilingual Initiative, can you tell us what it is and what it will accomplish?
  • Is it just a way to translate text on a page? Can’t Google do that?
  • What have you accomplished so far?
  • How do you manage all these tasks?
  • What are the big things still to be worked on?

012 Greg Dunlap and the Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8 - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Greg Dunlap

Greg Dunlap talks about the Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) and how it will improve the dev/staging/production process by moving configuration out of the database, and into files that can be easily moved across sites.

Things he talks about

  • What is CMI and what will it do?
  • What has it been like being an initiative lead?

Questions from Twitter

  • (@DamienMcKenna) Damien McKenna
    Why does he feel the current configuration structure is the best option?
  • (@Crell) Larry Garfield
    Are UUIDs and deployment still part of your initiative, or have those fallen by the wayside? Who's picking those up?

009 Larry Garfield and The Future of Drupal Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Larry Garfield

Larry Garfield (@Crell), who is the "Web Services and Context Core Initiative Lead", talks to me about WSCCI and how it will fundamentally change the way Drupal's back-end will function in Drupal 8. He starts out by talking about what web services are and how they work, then he talks about how Drupal 8 will incorporate REST and Symfony2 into core. He also gives an idea of how this will (or will not) affect Drupal module developers and site builders.