• Let’s start off with the basics, if you don’t mind. Can you give us the 30 second pitch for what Features is? I’m sure there are people listening right now that don’t use Features regularly.
  • What kind of data or configuration can you package into a feature?
  • What does Features do well?
  • Where does Features fall short?
  • What are some of the things people currently use Features for, that perhaps it wasn’t intended? Are there issues as a result?

Configuration Management in Drupal 8

  • If you don’t mind, I think it’d also be helpful if you could explain what CMI is in Drupal 8 so that when we compare the two, everyone knows what we’re talking about.
  • What does CMI do well?
  • Where does CMI fall short?

When to Use Features in Drupal 8

  • With CMI in core, where does Features find its place in Drupal 8?
  • How will we use Features differently in D8 as compared to D7?
  • Talk about config packager

Developing in Drupal 8

What was your experience building Features in Drupal 8? Did you get to port code from D7, or was it all from scratch? Is Drupal 8 as “hard” as some people are claiming?

Questions from Twitter

  • Thomas Svenson
    Just want to say I like the direction #Features is taking for Drupal 8. Especially that it is not needed on live site. #UXwin