• Drupal8 theming - why we did it
  • Plan for the unknown (responsive 2.0 how can we make D8 move forward & not break everything.
  • Seven theme & usability improvements in Drupal 8
    • Were you involved with Seven in Drupal 7?
    • What are your thoughts on alternate admin themes like Adminimal?
  • CSS architecture in Drupal 8
    • Why BEM?
  • Classy & Stable theme
    • Why you should always use a base-theme

Use Cases

  • How do the changes affect people who want to create custom themes and base themes?

Questions from Twitter

  • Eric J. Gruber
    Everything, really.
  • Dragan Eror
    How to remove query string from the end of CSS link, so I can enable browser's live reload? #MUP150 #drupal8
  • Eric J. Gruber
    What are some common hooks have changed from D7 to D8 that we need to be aware of?
  • Tamás Hajas
    Example about how can the new Stable theme help the work of frontenders. #MUP150
  • Tamás Hajas
    Status and future of core themes. #MUP150
  • why isnt seven called 8 ;)