In this video we will create our first newsletter!Let's create our first newsletter.

  • Click "Add Content"
  • Choose "Simplenews newsletter"
  • Title: First Newsletter
  • Body: This is my first newsletter. Visit my website at or follow me on Twitter at
  • Newsletter category (Currently we only have the one newsletter created "Super Simple News", but as we create additional newsletters, they will show up as options here. We'll see this in action in Part 9)
  • *Optional: I prefer to have my newsletters unpublished by default, and to create a new revision with each edit. Neither setting is required, I've just found them to be useful for myself.
  • (Save)

This is where the "Click here to view this message on the web" link at the top of our newsletter will send people. We could also send this link to someone who is not subscribed to our newsletter or post to Facebook, Twitter etc. This will also be available in the newsletter archive.

Right underneath the body of the newsletter, you see the link to the "Super Simple News" archive, if we click it we are taken to the archive.

This is where we can see all issues of this newsletter. Currently there is only one issue, but this page will list all nodes in the "Super Simple News" taxonomy term, so as we create additional newsletters they will be listed here as well. You'll also see the description for this newsletter category at the top of the page.

I'll go ahead and click back into the newsletter...