In this video we will send our first test newsletter!When viewing the newsletter, we see the standard "View" and "Edit" tabs, but we also see a new tab: "Newsletter". When you click the tab you can see that we have a couple of options:

  1. Send one test newsletter to the test address (This will send a test newsletter to the address we configured in Part 2.)
  2. Send newsletter (This will send the newsletter to all subscribers.)

If you checked the box to allow overriding the test address, you'll see the address field as well. I'm just going to send a test newsletter. Now I'll check my mail to see if it has come in.
Alright, we can see the from name, email address and subject that we configured in Part 5.

Appending links as a numbered list

Just to show you what it would look like, here's what it look alike when you append the link as a numbered list instead.

  • I'll go to "Configuration => Web Services => Newsletters"
  • Then, click on "edit newsletter category"
  • And down at the bottom, choose "Append hyperlinks as numbered reference list"
  • (Save)

Now if we go back to our newsletter, and send another test, you'll see what this looks like. It now provides a numbered list of the links at the bottom of the newsletter.
This becomes a little more useful when HTML links are included using the <a> tag. and we'll see that in part 13.