In this video we will simply install and enable the simplenews and administration menu modules. I'll be using the standard installation profile of Drupal for this video series.

In order to setup Simplenews we need to install the Simplenews module. I'm going to use Drush, but you could install through the graphical interface if you're not yet familiar with Drush. (If you don't have Drush installed, do yourself a favor and install it now! A great place to learn how to use Drush is at and Build a

Download and Enable Admin Menu/Disable Toolbar

Before we actually begin, I'm going to download and enable the "Administration menu" module, and disable the core "Toolbar" module. This is not required, but will make things a lot easier.

  • drush dl admin_menu
  • drush en admin_menu admin_menu_toolbar
  • drush dis toolbar

Download and Enable Simplenews


  • drush dl simplenews
  • drush en simplenews