In this video we will create another newsletter category and explore the differences involved with having more than one newsletter on our site!Now, we'll add another newsletter category

  • Go to "Configuration => Web services => Newsletters"
  • Click "Add newsletter category"

Our new newsletter will be called "Easy News"

  • Name: Easy News
  • Description: This newsletter will contain monthly information about our site

I'll leave all of the default options the way they are, and save the newsletter category.

Now we see both newsletters, and when we create a new newsletter issue, we will be able to select either the "Super Simple News" category or the "Easy News" category.

  • Go to "Add content => Simplenews newsletter"
    • Title: Amazing Newsletter
    • Body: This is some awesome information for our great subscribers!
    • Now, when we scroll down, we can select the "Easy News" category. This means that only users subscribed to "Easy News" will receive this newsletter.
    • (Save)

Adding the subscription block

Now, let's add the subscription block for this newsletter.

  • Go to "Structure => Blocks => Bartik (your theme)"
  • I will place the "Newsletter: Easy News" block in the "Triptych last" region.
  • (Save)

Now, let's go home and see what we've got.

We can see both of our newsletters on the homepage, but more importantly, we now have our "Easy News" subscription block. We also have a checkbox for "Easy News" in the "Newsletters" block.

We can test this out by checking the box next to "Easy News" in the "Newsletters" block, and clicking update. This gives us a notice that our subscriptions have been updated, and when we scroll down, we see that the button now says "Unsubscribe" in the "Easy News" block. When we click that button, we get a notice that we have been unsubscribed. You'll notice that the box is also unchecked in the "Newsletters" block. We can also subscribe by clicking the "Manage my subscriptions" link in the "Super Simple News" block. This takes us to a page that looks almost identical to the "Newsletters" block. So, we can check the box here, and click "Update". And finally, we can uncheck the box in the "Newsletters" block, and click update, which unsubscribes us from the newsletter.

It would appear that everything is working as expected, so, let's move on and allow users to subscribe to our newsletters.