In this video we will configure the user permissions so that anonymous and authenticated users can subscribe to our newsletter!If we look at the website as anonymous user you can see that we can read previous issues and read the newsletters, but we don't have a way to subscribe to the newsletter. In order to allow users to subscribe to the newsletter we need to go to "People => Permissions" then we can scroll down to the simplenews section and we can give both anonymous users and authenticated users the permission "Subscribe to newsletters".

Now, when we refresh the site as an anonymous user, we see both of the subscription blocks, and a field for my email address. This email field is here because I am not logged in. Which means that newsletter subscribers don't need to be members of your site in order to get your newsletter. This is a very good thing! If a visitor is already an authenticated user of your site, and logged in, the email field will not be displayed, and the user will be subscribed and unsubscribed using the email address associated with their account.