In part 7, we sent our first test newsletter. Now that we have some subscribers, we're ready to send out the real thing.We'll go home and click on "First Newsletter" and click the "Newsletter" tab. From here, we can select the "Send newsletter" radio button, and then click "Submit".

We'll get a notice that the newsletter is pending, and next time cron runs, it will send out the first batch of emails. (Emails will be sent according to the cron and batch settings we configured in Part 4.)

I'm going to go ahead and run cron so that the emails will be sent.

Alright, now if we go to "Reports => Recent log messages" we see that cron was run, and right below that, that 3 emails were sent in 0.1 seconds, and that 0 failed sending. This is good information to have when you are sending large numbers of emails to ensure that you don't exceed your host's limits. If any emails were to fail (for example, if you exceed your php limit), they would be retried on the next cron run.

And if we check our email, we've got a new message!

So, everything works, and we can start sending newsletters at this point. The rest of the videos in this series will show you how to make them more visually appealing by using HTML, CSS and images.