In this video we will explore the ways we can add, remove, import and export users to and from our newsletter lists!To see who is subscribed to our newsletters, we'll go to "People => Newsletter subscriptions". Now, no one is subscribed to our newsletter, so I'm going to go ahead and view the site as an anonymous user and subscribe. I'll also create a couple of site users, and subscribe them.

Ok, with that done, when we refresh, we see all of the users subscribed to our newsletters. We can filter this list by newsletter category, by email address or both.

To see only the users subscribed to the "Super Simple News" category:

  • Select "Super Simple News" from the drop down
  • Click "Filter"

Now we see the email addresses of only those subscribed to the "Super Simple News" category. We can do the same thing for the "Easy News" category, and we can reset the filter at any time by clicking the "Reset" button.

To filter by email address, we can simply type a part of the address into the "Email address" field and click "Filter". For example, if I enter "" and filter, I am left with anyone with an email including the text "". If I type "bri" I would be left with all addresses including the text "bri". (ie:, etc.)

In the same way, I can enter "bri" and choose only the "Easy News" category, which leaves me with only those who are subscribed to Easy News, <em>and</em> include the text "bri" in their email address.

We can also Activate, Inactivate, and Delete subscriptions from this screen. To do this:

  • Click the checkbox next to the user(s) you would like to affect
  • Choose the desired action
  • Click "Update"

Here's what they will do:

  • Activate (The subscriber will receive newsletter issues.)
  • Inactivate (The subscriber will not receive newsletter issues, but is still in the list and can be activated at any time.)
  • Delete (The subscriber is removed from the list and will not receive newsletter issues.)

Mass subscribe

If we click "Mass subscribe", we are able to enter multiple email addresses (separated by comma, space or newline) and subscribe them to one or more newsletters. (This can be really handy if you are moving from another newsletter service. Simply export the email addresses of your subscribers as a .csv file, and paste the contents of that file here.)
<em>Note: Please be careful when subscribing other users. If you subscribe users without their consent, and start sending them emails, that is spam! Don't do it!</em>

Mass unsubscribe

Back on the "Newsletter subscriptions" page, if we click "Mass unsubscribe", we see a page exactly like the "Mass subscribe" page. We can enter a list of email addresses here, or, if we realized that we just imported our list, and subscribed them to the wrong list, we could paste our .csv file here, and unsubscribe them from the newsletter.


Back under the "Newsletter subscriptions" page, we have one more option: "Export". When we click on "Export" we are taken to the export page where we can configure what addresses are exported. If you ever want to move to another newsletter system, you will want an export of your current subscribers, and this is where we can get that.

  • Status
    • Active users (This will include users who are currently receiving your newsletter issues.)
    • Inactive users (This will include users who are subscribed, but are not currently receiving your newsletter issues.)
  • Subscribed
    • Subscribed to the newsletter (This will include users who are currently subscribed to the newsletter(s) selected below)
    • UnSubscribed from newsletter (This will include users who were once subscribed to the newsletter(s) selected below, but are no longer subscribed.)
  • Newsletter
    • Select the newsletter(s) you would like to include in the export.

Once everything is set the way you want, click "Export". This will display a box labeled "Export results" and inside you will have a comma separated list of email addresses that match your criteria. You can now copy and paste this into your new service, or create a .csv file from this list.