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066 The aGov Distribution with Kim Pepper - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Kim Pepper

aGov Distribution

  • What is aGov?
  • Previous next is the main driving force behind aGov
  • Why did you create it?
  • Features
    • Australian metadata standard
    • Workflow
    • Scheduled publishing
    • Site archiving
    • Integrating with an accessibility checker
    • Security features
    • Responsive
  • Accessibility

    • WCAG 2 AA
    • Color contrast ratios
  • What modules are you using?

    • Media
    • Blog
    • Honeypot
    • Panels in-place editor
    • Workbench
  • Patched modules along the way to make them accessible

Use Cases

  • Government Departments that want to get a site up quickly
  • Is this only applicable to government in Australia?

    • Are there different standards for government agencies in Europe or America?
  • Collaborating with Canadian distribution

    • Why can’t they just use aGov?
  • Had an independent audit by Vision Australia


  • What’s in the future?
    • Shared infrastructure (taxonomy, etc.)
  • Beta version of the accessibility checker is out, we’re going to improve that
  • Possibly rebuild on Panopoly